Vision & Mission

Our Mission

"To attain the status of globally recognized education and training institution with multidimensional growth, by enlarging and delivering trainee and industry focused programmes and prepare the most sought after trainees with enhanced core competencies as required by customer and society."

Our Vision

    "Techno education for global competence".

Quality Policy

    "The institute is committed to provide Technical Education using the latest technology with continual improvement."

Quality Objectives

  • To impart employable skills to the youth.
  • To have a holistic approach in skill, knowledge and attitudinal development in a systematic manner.
  • To assess the performance of trainees by continuous monitoring.
  • To keep pace with technological developments and update the curriculum, manpower and infrastructure suitably.
  • To ensure discipline, cleanliness and proper house keeping.

Govt. of Sikkim
Govt. of Sikkim
Govt. of Sikkim