CCCT has twelve fully equipped labs furnished with all modern equipments and training facilities. Every Lab is assigned a Lab Instructor responsible for managing and maintenance of the equipments. 

  1. Computer Labs
  2. PC Maintenance Lab
  3. MicroProcessor,
  4. Microcontroller and DSP lab
  5. PLC and Robotics Lab
  6. PCB Labs
  7. Telecommunication lab
  8. Analog and Digital lab
  9. Control Engineering lab

1. Computer Labs
     There are four Computer labs with over sixty numbers of Pentium/AMD based networked computers to facilitate programming, projects, multimedia developments; along with softwares like Windows XP, Visual Basic 6/.net, JDK, Adobe suit, Macromedia suit, Turbo/Borland Compilers for C/C++, ASP, Net-Sim, PHP. There are sufficient printing facilities in laser/line printers, color as well as dot matrix printers.

2. PC Maintenance Lab
     In this lab, teaching as well as maintenance of systems and networks is carried out. Sufficient repairing tools and software are available to teach the students. We have a server configured in this lab which is named as CCCT Information Server , w we have hosted E-Learning System Website, Hostel Library Website, Online Examination System developed by our students. This server is local to our institute and the students are being benefited by it in a lot of ways.

3. Electrical Lab
     It is fully equipped with electrical machines like three phase motors,single phase motors,stepper and DC motors,measuring instruments, Workbenches and other necessary equipments. We have surplus of electrical and electronic devices required for doing practicals. To name a few, we have multimeters, ammeters, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transformers, transistors, etc.

4. MicroProcessor, Microcontroller and DSP lab
     The Institute is equipped with 8085/8086 microprocessor trainer kits,8051 microcontroller kits, DSP trainer kits as well as interfacing modules for 8085 trainer kits, power lab, Universal Programmer for programming microcontroller, Embedded system trainer kits along with required simulation software for both microprocessor and microcontroller.

5. PLC and Robotics Lab
     The institute has a PLC lab with Siemens (S-7 500 PLC) PLC and PLC training modules like conveyor belt system, rotary table, Linear Slide base, X-Y table. Also included are computer controlled Robotic Arm with Vision system. Students can work both online and offline in PLC and robotics with software like Step 5, ROboX, ControlX, and LogoSoft.

6. PCB Lab
     This lab is fully equipped for production of both single sided and double sided PCBs. There is facility for both manual and computer controlled PCB production system.

7. Telecommunication Lab
     Communication lab is equipped with fiber optic trainer kits, splicing & termination kit, Radar and navigation trainer, microwave and cellular trainers, Antenna kit, telephony and ISDN kit, satellite trainer kit, CCTV EPBAX, Cell phone and Cordless phones trainer kits. Students especially of DTT have to spend a lot of time in this lab.

8. Analog and Digital Lab
     Analog and DIgital labs contain instruments like CROs, Spectrum and Logic Analyzers, DSOs, trainer kits, troubleshooting kits , IC tester kits, digital troubleshooting equipments, display and measuring devices and electronic software like Spice Electronic Work Bench, Proteus, Profibus, 2D CAD, Multi-Sim, Protel, Eagle, Control Engineering simulation softwares, Logo Soft, RS Logix 500.

9. Control Engineering Lab
     PID control, Automatic temperature control system, LVFT module, Light intensity control system, motor speed control, first order and second order closed loop simulation training modules.

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