Even Semester Online Examination 2020 - THEORY Subjects


    As per the instruction given by State Board of Technology Education, Govt. of Sikkim,  Even Semester Online Examination 2020 - THEORY Subjects is scheduled to commence from the 27th July 2020. The online examination will be conducted using CCCT’s official website ccct.co.in

The details Instructions and Guideline are provided below along with Time Table.

Downloads -

1. Exam Time Table - Click Here                           

Guidelines for the online examinations. Before initiation of the Test:

1. Register on CCCT MIS by installing EDUBIOS application on your mobile phone, laptop or your desktop. Or you can register in CCCT website www.ccct.co.in

2. Use Google Chrome for browsing the CCCT website.

3. After you are in CCCT website click on the student login page.

4. If you have already registered then use your ID and password to login the page.

5. If you have not registered yourself then click on new login. Enter Your Admission ID and proceed. An OTP will be send to your register mobile. Than create a password.

6. After you have created a password login the page with your admission ID and password.

7. After that you will enter the student Dash Board. Check all your personal details. If any entry is wrong you can contact your BIC or CIC

8. Go to the menu of your Dash Board, there you can check your attendance, eligibility, Examination dates, results and many more.

9. Examination starts exactly on time, question will be available at the same time. Therefore login 5 to 10 mins before the time of examination.

10. At that time if you use other browser or websites your exam will be automatically halt and cancelled and the exam get deactivated.

DO’s and DON’Ts

After the Initiation of test:

1. Before starting your exam make sure the internet connectivity is good.

2. Try to sit in the area where maximum internet connectivity is available.

3. Do not use other websites/ browsers except the CCCT website.

4. Login little early before the exact time of examination so that if any problem arises you can rectify it soon.

5. The questions will be available at the exact time.

6. Total marks of the test will be of 50marks. All questions will be of multiple choice type questions (MCQ). The questions will of three levels. 1st level of questions will be of 1 marks each , 2nd level of 2 marks each and 3rd level will be of 3 marks each.

7. Remember you will get only one chance to perform the test. You will get very less time to answer so please do not waste your time in unnecessary things.

8. Once the questions are available go to the menu and click on the exam icon. Then a page with instruction of exam will be shown. Read the instructions carefully.

9. After that click the START EXAM button. Once you press the icon, a page will open where you will be asked are you ready for the exam?. Click yes .

10. A page with questions will appear, where you can see the level of question and marks too. Four options will be given. Click on the correct option and wait for a while until the page is saved. Don’t panic if it takes some time.

11. Do not refresh or go back. If you do so the page might get cancelled.

12. After the 1st page is saved you can go to the next question by clicking next page number. You can go back to the previous question by clicking the page number shown in the page itself and change your answer. But do not back the whole page.

13. At the right side of the page you can see the timer. Make sure you finish your exam in time. If not so your answer won’t be saved.

14. You will be given 80 to 90 mins of time to answer all the questions. Make sure you finish your test on time.

15. After you finish your exam make sure to click the finish exam button. Finish button is very important to press after the exam get over.

16. If you try opening the other links or websites in between the exam, the page gets automatically cancelled and deactivated. And your whole exam gets cancelled.

All the Best

Exam Coordinator.

Govt. of Sikkim
Govt. of Sikkim
Govt. of Sikkim