Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Arvind Lal

Name of Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Head of Department: Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Accredited: National Board of Accreditation (NBA) Download

Programs offered: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Affiliated to: SBTE, Government of Sikkim, approved by AICTE

Duration: 3 Years

HOD's Desk-

                           "  The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (E&EE), is one of the three branches of Diploma Engineering started at CCCT in the year 2005. At present , there are five M. Tech faculties specialized in various fields of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. About 20 research papers have been published by the E & EE faculty and student till date in various international journals and conferences. Apart from the Diploma Course in E&E Engg., the department also offers an short term courses on various topics. The department is recognized as a research centre by the Power and Energy Department , Government of Sikkim for the execution of Suryamitra Project. These projects are being guided by the professional societyThe department has a large number of highly qualified and experienced faculties. The department has received so far the total amount of about Rs. 45 Lakhs from various Governement funding agencies. The department has excellent laboratory and well equipped computer center facilities which are useful to the students, research scholars as well as for industrial consultancy work."

Vision Statement:
"To build a department of global repute for providing technical ability and professional skills in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering"

Mission Statement:
M1:To transform young minds into productive Electrical engineers using technical knowledge and professional skills through contemporary curriculum and effective learning system with continuous evaluation.

M2: To provide students exposure to modern engineering tools and innovative projects to become globally competent Electrical engineers embedded with ethical values and leadership capabilities.

M3: To serve the people of state and nation by providing quality education with co-curricular and extracurricular activities to students for all round development.

DEE: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics

Program Education Objectives (PEO's):

PEO-1: Estimate and perform domestic and micro industrial wiring; assist in operating, maintaining, testing and commissioning of electrical generation, transmission and distribution system and to use modern electrical and electronic engineering tools.

PEO-2: Work in interdisciplinary projects with a sound foundation of mathematics and scientific subjects, required for a clear understanding of Engineering as a whole and to encourage students for placement or higher studies.

PEO-3:Understand the values of life-long learning embedded with professional ethics, effective communication skills, moral values and social concern guided by the principles of sustainable development and global interconnectedness and understand how engineering projects affect society and the environment.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO’s):

PSO describes what students should know and be able to do at the end of the programme. The PSO’s of Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering are as listed below:

PSO1: Success in electrical engineering areas.

PSO2: Excel in professional ethics and leadership qualities.

PSO3: Succeed in multi-disciplinary and diverse fields.

PSO4: Continue advanced education.


PO1: Ability to apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering.

PO2: Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze data.

PO3: Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

PO4: Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. 

PO5: Ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form. 

PO6: Broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and societal context.

PO7: Ability to develop confidence for self education and understand the value of life-long learning.

PO8: Ability to visualize and work on multi disciplinary tasks, team work.

PO9: Ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

PO10: Knowledge of contemporary issue to undertake innovative projects.

DEE: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics

Curriculum Brief:

Director of Technical Education, Government of Sikkim, has requested National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR), Kolkata for revising the existing curricula of Electrical & Electronics Engineering for Centre for Computers & Communication Technology (CCCT), Sikkim.

To carry out the above mentioned task, Curriculum Development Centre of the Institute has conducted a series of workshops involving experts in different subject areas for revision of complete course structure and content details of all the semesters of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. An effort has also been made to ensure that the schemes of studies and evaluation of the revised curricula do not deviate significantly from the existing curricula and at the same time reflect the recent requirements of technical education and trends in a particular subject area.

Developed By: NITTTR, Kolkata

Year of implementation: July-2015

Subjects details semester wise/year wise:

First Year Second Year Third Year
Theory Practical Theory Practical Theory Practical
Communication Skill-I Communication Skill-I Electrical
Circuits and
Micro Controller Micro Controller
Mathematics-I Electrical
and Measuring
and Measuring
Electrical Power System-II
Physics - I Physics - I Analog Circuits-I Analog Circuits-I Switchgear and Protection
Chemistry - I Chemistry - I Digital
Linear Control System Linear Control System
Engineering Drawing - I Electrical
Workshop Practice - I Applied
Electrical Engineering Drawing using CAD
Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-I Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-I Development of
Life Skill
Electrical Engineering Workshop
Development of Life Skill-I Professional
Application of Software in Electrical Engineering
Professional Practice-III
Communication Skill-II Communication Skill-II Electrical
PLC and Robotics PLC and Robotics
Mathematics-II Analog Circuits-
Analog Circuits-
Electrical Drives and Traction
Physics - II Physics - II Electrical
Power System-I
Chemistry - II Chemistry - II Microprocessor Microprocessor Principle of Management
Engineering Drawing - II Electrical
Estimation and
Installation and Maintenance of Electrical and Electronics Equipment
Engineering Mechanics Power
Professional Practice (Major Project)
Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-II Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-II PCB design and
Computer Fundamentals & C-Programming Computer Fundamentals & C-Programming Professional
Practice-II (Mini
Professional Practices - I

DEE: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Program Coordinator: Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma, M. Tech (Power Electronics)

Designation Qualification Years of Join Phone no email Photo
Mukesh Kumar Sharma Sr. Lecturer / HOD B.E, M.Tech 12.05.2006 9434117205

Specialization: Power Electronics
Additional Responsibility: Course Incharge
Paper Publication: Nil
Project Execution: MODROBS, MHRD
Awards: 12 Years in service
Conference: Nil

Tashi Rapden Wangchuk Sr. Lecturer (Selection Grade) B.E, M.Tech 13.10.2003 97733235749

Specialization: Power System
Additional Responsibility: Batch Incharge
Paper Publication: Footstep Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Transducers, DESIGN OF INVERTER WITH SOLAR CHARGE, Auto Intensity Control of Street Light with Solar Tracker Using Microcontroller, Automatic Dipper Circuit For Vechicle Using AT89S52 Microcontroller, Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter Desgined using Microcontroller, Bluetooth Remote Controlled Car Using Arduino, Arduino Based Bluetooth Controlled Robot, Design and Development of Mobile Bug with Jammer Circuit,
Project Execution: MODROBS, MHRD
Awards: 15 Years in Service
Conference: one

Mrs. Shristi Shrestha Sr. Lecturer B.Tech, M. Tech 01.11.2008 7872982289

Specialization: Microcontroller
Additional Responsibility: Exma Cell Member
Paper Publication: Performance Evaluation of a solar still integrated with a greenhouse
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: Nil
Conference: one

Mrs. Nima Donka Lecturer B. Tech, M.Tech 01.12.2008 9932778816

Specialization: Digital Electronics
Additional Responsibility: Batch Incharge
Paper Publication:3
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: Nil
Conference: 3

Mr. Tenzing Sherpa Lecturer B. Tech, M.Tech 01.02.2011 9593371740

Specialization: Power System
Additional Responsibility: Batch Incharge Cum Sports Coordinator
Paper Publication: IJIFR Journal IJIFR/V2/E5/021 PG. NO. 1259-1269, Electrical Fault analysis
Project Execution: IIPC
Awards: Nil
Conference: Nil

Mr. Rajesh Baraily Lab Instructor Diploma 11.04.2005 9733316310

Specialization: Electrical Machines
Additional Responsibility:PA System Incharge
Paper Publication: Nil
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: 10 Years in service
Conference: Nil

Mr. Karma Gyatsho Bhutia Lab Instructor Diploma 01.11.2008 9903154180

Specialization: R&PLC
Additional Responsibility: Lab Incharge (R&PLC)
Paper Publication: Scada Power Distribution Monitoring System Using PLC, Designed Accident Prevention System Using Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Controlled Robotic Arm Designed on RF-FSK & 8051, Special Multi-Purpose Card Designed Using PIC16F877A and RFID Technology,
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: Best Lab Instructor
Conference: IJETT 3rd International Conference, Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Rinku Bhutia Lab Instructor Diploma 01.02.2011  9547939372

Specialization: Power Electronics
Additional Responsibility: Nil
Paper Publication: Nil
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: Nil
Conference: Nil

Ms. Joyce Dayal Rai Lab Instructor Diploma 01.11.2008  9474982136

Specialization: PCB, Auto CADs
Additional Responsibility: Culture Coordinator
Paper Publication: Nil
Project Execution: Nil
Awards: Nil
Conference: Nil

Faculty Publication Details:

Sl. No. Authors Paper NAme ISBN/ISSN NO
1 Shristhi Shrestha Performance Evaluation of a Solar Still Integrated with a Greenhouse ISSN: 2231-5381
2 Tashi Rapden Wangchuk Shunt Fault Analysis of wind & PV connected DC Shunt Hybrid Energy System IJIFR/V2/E5/021 page No. 1259-1269
3 Nima Donka Tamang A Review on Spread Spectrum Radar (Springer Singapore)
4 Nima Donka Tamang Assessment of Pulse Droppler Radar and Digital Beamforming Radar Springer International
5 Nima Donka Tamang Assessment of Digital Beamforming Radar (DBF) and Spread Spectrum Digital Beamforming Radar (SSDBF) IEEE Digital Library, INDICON, 2017
6 Tenzing Sherpa Shunt Fault Analysis of wind & PV connected DC Shunt Hybrid Energy System IJIFR/V2/E5/021 Page No. 1259-1269

DEE: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics

Students Enrollment:

Year Sanctioned Strength Admitted Girls Boys PWD
2005 30 30     0
2006 30 30     0
2007 30 30     0
2008 30 29     0
2009 30 36     0
2010 45 46 14 32 0
2011 45 43 17 26 0
2012 45 48 32 16 0
2013 45 37 12 25 0
2014 45 45 16 29 0
2015 45 41 11 30 0
2016 45 41 12 29 0

Completion of course:

Year Total appeared Distinction First Class Second class Not completed
2008 16 4 11 1 0
2009 19 1 9 9 0
2010 21 4 5 12 0
2011 27 4 22 1 0
2012 28 2 26 0 0
2013 42 6 32 4 0
2014 35 3 31 1 0
2015 47 4 27 16 0
2016 28 1 21 6 0

Placement History:

Number  of  Students Placed Placement Brief
2008   Power Grid, HCL, Scientech, Scientific  
2009   Numeric,  
2010   SMIT,  
2012 13 HCL, Cipla,  
2013 9    
2014 9 GreenCo,  
2015 20 Hitachi, Step,Macleoid Pharma,STEP,Hitachi,SMIT,SIBIN  
2016 8 Kanchenjunga Distilleries, YPT Technologies, C Infinite Technologies Ltd
2017 15 Banco India,Grifeo Technologies,Taraspan Solutions Pvt Ltd  

June 2018 Examination Toppers:


1st Abinay Thapa 8.7
2nd Prazwalika Gurung 8.65
2nd Pawan k Chettri 8.65


1st Shristy Sharma 9.63
2nd Ashya Chettri 8.13
3rd Rajena Pradhan 8.04

Sectoin -3

1st Dikendra Chettria 6.67
2nd Nayan Kr. Sinha 6.57
3rd Gopal Singh 6.53

DEE: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics

Other Facilities:

  1. Computer Lab having 25 numbers of PC having software like MATLAB, PROTEUS, EAGLE, Auto CAD, TASM, C/C++,
  2. Internet WiFi Campus 24x7
  3. Project Lab
  4. Electricity 24x7 (2 nos of Gen Set 75 KVA)
  5. Substation: 11 KV/440 Volts


Departmental Clubs:

Name Activity brief Members Achievements
Hobby Club Repair and maintenance of electrical and electronics equipments Tashi Rapden Wangchuk, Mukesh Kumar Sharma

The lists of e-books are as follows:

Sl. No. PUB-EAN/ISBN Title Authors Publisher/Imprint Pub. Yr
1. 9788131753170 Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Sivanagaraju Pearson India 2008
2. 9788131776025 Electrical Machines Ghosh Pearson India 2012
3. 9789332510784 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering: For WBUT Bhattacharya Pearson India 2010
4. 9789332514102 Electric Circuit Analysis Kumar Pearson India 2013
9789332544758 Control Systems Engineering Salivahnan Pearson India 2015
6. 9788131798959 Power Systems-I: For JNTUK Sivangaraju Pearson India 2011
7. 9789332506152 Control Systems : Theory and Applications Ghosh Pearson India 2007
8. 9788131798973 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers: For JNTU Das Pearson India 2011
9. 9789332500792 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Kishore Pearson India 2009
10. 9780273785149 Power Electronics: Devices, Circuits, and Applications, International Edition, 4/e Rashid Pearson India 2014

The lists of e-journals are as follows:

Sl. Title Publisher/Imprint Year of Subscriptio
1. Journals of Power Electronics and Power Systems STM e-journals, Noida 2012
2. Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering STM e-journals, Noida 2012
3. Journal of VLSI Design and Technology STM e-journals, Noida 2016
4. Journal of Solid State Electronics & Devices STM e-journals, Noida 2016

DEE: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics



Electrical Machines Laboratory

PLC and Robotics Laboratory

Power Electronics Laboratory

Electrical Measurement and Circuits Laboratory

Control Systems Laboratory

DEE: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics


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