Department of Computer Science

    Arvind Lal

Name of Department: Computer Science & Technology

Head of Department: Mr. Arvind Lal 

Accredited: National Board of Accreditation (NBA) Download

Programs offered: Diploma in Computer Science Technology

Affiliated to: SBTE, Government of Sikkim, approved by AICTE

Duration: 3 Years

HOD's Desk-

                          The Department of Computer Science & Technology is one of the oldest branch providing Diploma in Computer Science and Technology (DCST) established in the year 2000 at Bardang, East Sikkim. The vision of Government of Sikkim in empowering the youth with technical education thereby assuring a world class excellence in resources & work values was met with the initiation of this course. The constant merits in Institute reflects its position among all the colleges globally. The department has several tie-ups with companies of international repute to bridge the gap between course curriculum and latest technologies.
It is a discipline where technologies and solution architectures change rapidly which also expands the scope of Computer Science and Engineering to provide students with an access to multidisciplinary problems and focus on total system engineering. Students here learn computer science and information technology principles that are critical while developing software, managing hardware and networking of computer systems. This program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of computer science, both hardware and software, and the application of engineering concepts, techniques and methods to both computer systems engineering and software system design. The department has excellent laboratory and well equipped computing center with high end server facilities that caters to the need of students and faculty for academics, research initiatives and consultancy. "

Vision Statement:
To attain excellence in the field of Computer Science and Technology.

Mission Statement:
M1:To provide knowledge in the field of Computer Science Technology.

M2: To provide serviceable knowledge in the field of Computer

M3: To provide hands-on practical knowledge for growing professional in the field of computer science by engaging them in self-learning process.

M4: To provide an environment for analytical and logical reasoning.

M5: To provide appropriate assistance that meets the need of the present and emerging computing technologies.

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Program Education Objectives (PEO's):

PEO-1: Work in interdisciplinary projects with a sound foundation of mathematics and scientific subjects required for a clear and sound understanding of Engineering as a whole and to encourage students for placement or higher studies in the branch of their interest.

PEO-2: Understand the values of life-long learning embedded with professional ethics, effective communication skills, moral values and social concern, guided by the principles of sustainable development and global interconnectedness to understand how engineering projects affect society and the environment.

PEO-3: Able to work as software designer and service engineer with professional zeal to design, debug, test & analyze and apply problem solving methods professionally and ethically.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO's):

PSO1. An ability to analyse, design software products.

PSO2. Will attain ability to develop, test and enhance software applications.

PSO3. Will attain ability to install system and application software.

PSO4. Will attain ability to troubleshoot network in case of problems and service systems in case of failures.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1 - Basic Knowledge: Ability to apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering.

PO2 - Discipline Knowledge: Ability to apply discipline specific knowledge to solve core and / or applied engineering problems.

PO3 - Experiments & Practice: Ability to plan and perform experiments and practices and to use the result to solve engineering problems.

PO4 - Engineering Tools: Apply appropriate technologies and tools with an understanding of the limitations.

PO5 - The Engineer & Society: Demonstrate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevent to engineering practices.

PO6 - Enviroment & Sustainability: Understand the impact of the engineering solutions in societal and enviromental context, and demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable developement.

PO7 - Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

PO8 - Individual & Team Work: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse, multi diciplinary teams.

PO9 - Communication: Ability to communicate effectively.

PO10 - Life Long Learning: Recognise the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independant and life long learning in the context of technological changes.

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Curriculum Brief:

Existing curricula developed by NITTTR, Kolkata reflects the latest requirements in the field of Technical education and its industrial trends.

Developed By: NITTTR, Kolkata

Year of implementation: July-2015

Subjects details semester wise/year wise:

First Year Second Year Third Year
Theory Practical Theory Practical Theory Practical
Mathematics-I        Applied Math and Graph Theory   PC Hardware PC Hardware Lab
Communication Skill-I Communication Skills Lab Advance C programming Advance C Lab System Programming     
Mathematics-I   Soft Core
(Organisational Behaviour)
  Advance Microprocessor Advance Microprocessor Lab
Physics-I Physics-I Lab Digital Circuits Digital Circuits Lab JAVA JAVA Lab
Chemistry-I Chemistry-I Lab Data Structure and Algorithm Data Structure and Algorithm Lab Computer Networks  
Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-I Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-I Lab Computer Organisation   Web Technology Web Technology Lab
Development of Life Skills Development of Life Skills and Practices   Professional Practice-II Operating System  
  Engineering Drawing-I        
  Workshop Practice-I        
Theory Practical Theory Practical Theory Practical
Communication Skills-II Communication Skills-II Lab Data Communication & Networking Data Communication & Networking Lab   System Administration
Mathematics-II   Microprocessor & Interfacing Microprocessor & Interfacing  Lab   Elective II (Advanced. NET Programming)
Chemistry-II Chemistry-II Lab Operating System Operating System Lab Organizational Behavior  
Physics-II Physics-II lab   Web Designing Distributed Computing  
Engineering Mechanics   PC assembling PC assembling Lab Data Mining & Warehousing  
Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-II Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-II Lab   Professional Practices- IIII    
Computer Fundamentals and C programming Computer Fundamentals and C programming Lab   Development Of Life Skill- II    
  Professional Practice        
  Engineering Drawing-II        

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Program Coordinator: Mr. Arvind Lal (Sr. Lecturer, CST.)

Name Designation Qualification Year of Joining Phone no email Photo
Praveen Kumar Pradhan Principal BE(CSE) M.Tech(IT) 16.04.1999 8972184332
Arvind Lal Sr. Lecturer (Selection Grade) B.Tech (CSE),
Pursuing M.Tech
15.10.2003 9733234876
Bijoy Chettri Sr. Lecturer (Selection Grade) BE , M.Tech (CSE) 13.10.2003 8116449251
Prerna Rai Sr. Lecturer (Selection Grade) B.Tech(CSE),
MBA(HR), M.Tech(CS)
13.10.2003 8348129892
Shrishak Gurung Senior Lecturer B.Tech (IT), M.Tech(IT) 12.05.2006 9932674317
Rajeev Sharma Lecturer M.Sc(CIS),CCNA, MCSE 08.01.2007 7679056380
Tshering Bhutia Lab Instructor DHM, Diploma in IT, B.Sc IT, MCA 13.10.2003 9775884510
Ranjan Mishra Lab Instructor M.Tech (Computer Science), B.Tech , Diploma Engineering 13.10.2003 9932746735
Jigmee Wangchuk Machungpa Lab Instructor BTech , Pursuing M.Tech(CSE) 01.12.2008 9733242464

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Students Enrollment:

Year Sanctioned Strength Admitted Girls Boys PWD
2016 45 41 14 27 Nil
2015 45 19+5=24 5+9 14+6 Nil
2014 45 16 3+0 13+0 Nil
2013 45 30+1=31 7+0 23+1 Nil

Completion of course:

Batch Total appeared Distinction First Class Second class Pass
2010   31 3 23 5 1
2011   28 1 19 8 0
2012   30 2 15 12 1
2013 20 3 15 2 0


Placement History:


2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of companies visited 2 1 1 3
No of students passed 25 30 29 36
No of eligible students 9 5 2 8
No of students Placed 8 3 2 5
highest package in lakhs 1.5 1.2 1.2 1.2


Note: DCST alumni has been working with reputed MNC's like NVIDIA, EASports, Hitachi, British Telecom, TCS, APPCO, CInfinite,etc.


Particular, year Brief Major roles Impact
Best Trade-2014 It was awarded during Sports week 2014. Extra and co-curricular activities
Best 5 s Team- 2014 During Annual Day-2014

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology

Other Facilities:

Departmental Clubs:
Name Activity brief Members
Web Development Maintenance and configuration of College web site, initiatives to build and maintain  web portal for school, hospital and private enterprises. 1.Bipal Khanal
2.Viswas Tamta
3.Sagar Pradhan
4.Prashanna Rai
5.Ong Tshring Lepcha
6.Anjali Sharma
7.Nigita Pradhan
8.Avinash Sharma
9.Chitrakala Pradhan
10.Ayush Rai
Hardware Maintenance & Networking Maintenance and configuration of College networking, Maintenance at Gram panchayat and schools. 1.Bikash Khanal
2.Md Sharukh
3.Pratibha Sharma
4.Sarita Thapa
5.Sneha Gupta
6.Yogesh Subba
7.Kiran Khadka
8.Santa Kumari
9.Iswar Sharma
10.Kismat Pradhan
Hobby Club Building application and models in Aurdino, Android apps. Ethical hacking activities. 1.Bipal Khanal
2.Bikash Khanal
3.Vishwas Tamta
4.Rahul Verma
5.Diwaker Rai
6.Anup Rai
7.Nimesh Khawas
8.Ronit Mukhia
9.Balaram Sharma
10.Anu Rai
11.Pratibha Rai

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology


Note: - All labs hosted with Windows have valid Microsoft Campus License with open volume subscription and open access Ubuntu 10 as Linux platform.
Name Teacher In-Charge Platforms Equipment
Web Technologies Lab (WT) Mr. Jigmee Wangchuk Machangpa Apache, IIS, SQL, Visual Studio, Multimedia Development Kits, Windows/Linux. 25 Computers (intel i5 & i7 , 4GB, 500 GB, 2GB graphics support) with internal managed Switch and 100 Mbps LAN connection.
Advanced Programming Lab (APGR) Mr. Tshering Bhutia Turbo C, C++, JDK, SDK, Android Studio, MS Office, Windows 25 Computers (intel i3 , 2GB, 500 GB) with internal managed Switch and 100 Mbps LAN connection.
Programming Lab (PGR) Ms. Joyce Dayal Rai AUTO CAD 2011, Protel, MultiSIM, Tasm, Turbo C++, MS Office, Windows/Linux 25 Computers (intel i3 , 2GB, 500 GB) with internal managed Switch and 100 Mbps LAN connection.
Hardware and Networking Lab (H&N) Mr. Ranjan Mishra Network Simulators, Hardware Configuration, Packet tracer, Maintenance Cell Hardware Components, Crimping, Cutting and structure caballing tools, Spare parts of PC
Server Room Mr Rajeev Sharma Windows/ Linux Server. SAN device 1314 GB, LTO( 200GB Backup), 5 Blade servers, Core Switch, UTM.

DCST: Diploma in Computer Science and Technology


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